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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mobi1 Group provides multiple services with different websites. Therefore, when you access one site and want to either get more details or make a purchase, the link may transfer you to the specific shop or details page in our Mobi1 Group websites. Our websites include:,,, Mobi1directory,,

1.All Mobi1 video and directory services are provided as SaaS
(Software as a Service) in subscription format at affordable rates.
2. All video hosting and maintenance are included on secure cloud servers, and premium video platforms.
All services are included with NO extra charge and NO set-up fees


Mobi1 Pals -Avatar Presenter


Avatar Videos

Avatar Videos with background image or video, text overlay, male-female Avatar


Dynamic Kinetic Motion Videos


Live Spokesperson

Real people with background image or video, text can NOT be changed, overlay of business information


Business Videos

These pre-designed videos with recorded professional voice can NOT be edited. Intro & Outro will be added with your business and contact details Business Video examples page