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Live Spokesperson Video Presentation

Choose from our over 200 professionally Live Presenters. Live Action Videos, Intros and Outros will be added. Background can be an image of your business or a video background can be added. Check below list for availability of your business category. Then selecting the Presenter Person -Male or Female- (if not specified only Male presenter available). Live Spokesperson currently only in English available. After payment is received we will contact you to discuss Business details. The speech presentation from the Live Spokesperson cannot be changed, however, text overlays can be added with more business details. Contact us, if you need a different text presentation with a Real Live Spokesperson. All desired business details and service details can be added. below list of over 200 Live Spokes Person Presenter for availability of your business category. Then selecting the Presenter Person -Male or Female- (if not specified only Male presenter available)

Alarm Installation Company
Animal Training (male – Female)
Architect (male – Female)
Auditor (Female)
Auto Mechanic (Male – Female)
Baby Sitting (Female)
Bankruptcy Lawyer
Beauty Salon (Female)
Business Service (Male – Female)
Car Dealer
Catering Service (Male – Female)
Childcare (Male – Female)
Cleaning Service (Male – Female)
Consultant (Female)
Construction Contractor (Male – Female)
Copywriting Service (Female)
Credit Repair (Female)
Cosmetic Dentist (Female)
Debt Counseling Service (Female)
Digital Media Attorney
Divorce Attorney
Dog Grooming (Female)
Dog Training (Male – Female)
Domestic Maid Service (Female)
Dry Cleaning (Male – Female)
Drywall Contractor (Female)
Duct Cleaning (Female)
Electrician (Male- Female)
Equipment Rental
Event Planner Male – Female)

Fencing Service (Female)
Financial Planner (Male – Female)
Fire-Flood Recovery (Female)
Flood Restoration (Female)
Flooring Contractor (Female)
Florist (Male – Female)
Freight Shipping (Female)
Funeral Service
Glass Repair (Female)
Graphic Designer (Female)
Hair Salon (Female)
Heating – Air (Female)
Home Appraiser (Female)
Home Improvement (Female)
Home Remodeling
Insurance Agent (Male – Female)
Interior Design (Female)
Land Scaping (Female)
Lawn Maintenance
Laundry Service (Female)
Lead Generation Service (Female)
Legal Services (Female)
Life Coach (Male – Female)
Limo Service (Male – Female)
Locksmith (Male – Female)
Marriage Counselor (Male – Female)
Mobile App (Female)
Mold Specialist (Female)
Mortgage Broker (Female)
Moving Company
Nanny Service (Female)

Online Marketer (Female)
Painter (Male – Female)
Patent-Trade Attorney
Paving Company
PayDay Loan
Personal Injury Attorney
Pest Control (Male- Female)
Pet Grooming
Pet Sitting (Female)
Physical Therapist
Plumber (Male – Female)
Pool Service (Female)
Printing Service (Female)
Private Investigator (Female)
Public Relation Consultant (Female)
Real Estate Agent(Male – Female)
Recruiter (Female)
Roofer (Female)
SEO Service (Female)
Social Media Consultant (Female)
Storage Facility (Male – Female)
Tattoo Removal (Female)
Travel Agent (Male – Female)
Video Marketing (Female)
Videographer (Female)
WebDeveloper (Female)
Wedding Planer (Female)
Weight Loss
Window Washing Service (Female)
Window Tinting (Female)